Chapel at Ilanga

At the Ilanga Chapel we can seat up to 210 guests! We offer and serve a choice of menu items, subject to quality and / or seasonal availability.  Buffet as well as plated menus are available!  We are flexible and open to discussion should a client require a particular flavour to their menu!

To ensure guest relaxation and comfort during any function, we employ waitrons / runners to attend to their every need.  The number of waitrons / runners required depends on the number of guests and menu.  Waiter and barmen charges are calculated at 10% of the food bill.

We require clients to brief us with regard to their requirements for the provision of a cash bar, full bar or wine and malt bar on their account.  Clients are welcome to set a ceiling on the total bar spend for their account.  Our management team will gladly assist you, by advising how to save and control bar accounts where necessary.  We do not allow bringing any wines or spirits to the premises for consumption without prior consent from Ilanga Estate Management.

The provision of Ilanga Estate’s standard furniture and equipment is at no extra charge.  The client at his / her own cost should hire any additional items not listed under “venue hire”.

The beautiful chapel comes complete with exquisite steel chairs ,podium and a beautiful antique signing table .On each side of the Front of chapel is a place reserved for performance of traditional bride entrance music

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